April 18, 2011

Matthew Nellessen - Meathead Son Forces Father To Write $100,000 Check Before Beating Him To Death With A Baseball Bat

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Arlington Heights, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Matthew Nellessen, a 19-year-old Illinois man has been charged with murder after he allegedly forced his father to write a $100,000 check from his retirement account before beating him to death with a baseball bat.

According to police, Nellessen had recently been released from jail when solicited the help of three accomplices in a plot to rob his father of his retirement savings.

Investigators say Nellessen and two of the accomplices, Marlon Green, 20, and Armon Braden, 20, jumped Mr. Nellessen as he returned home from work. One of the alleged accomplices was not present when the murder took place.

George Nellessen, 55, was held at gun point April 12, while two of the men used duct tape to secure him to a chair. Then, Matthew Nellessen forced his father to write him a check for $100,000 out of his retirement account.

Mr. Nellesen begged his son not to steal the money, stating that it was all he had to retire on. When that didn't work, he tried to reason with his son, stating that he'd have to report the theft to the police.

That's when Matthew Nellessen began beating his father with a baseball bat and then stabbing him in the neck with a steak knife.

"He swung the bat full force at his father’s head five times,” said prosecutor Maria McCarthy at Nellessen's initial court appearance.

Once Mr. Nellessen was dead, Matthew Nellessen stole $800 from his wallet, which he then gave to his accomplices, Green and Braden. He also took his father's bank card which he used to make several withdrawals from his father's account.

He then attempted to cash the $100,000 check later the same day, but the request was denied by the bank. An alert teller took a copy of the check and Nellessen's photo I.D.. ATM photographs were also captured each time Matthew withdrew cash using his father's bank card.

Police were finally notified when one of Mr. Nellessen's co-workers came by to check on him the next day after he didn't show up for work. Although Matthew Nellessen wouldn't allow her into the house, she saw Mr. Nellessen's bloody body still bound in the chair he had been murdered in.

Although Matthew Nellessen attempted to flee the house in his father's car, he was apprehended a short time later. The $100,000 check Matthew Nellessen forced his father to sign was found inside the car.

Nellessen was booked into jail without bond on first-degree murder and armed robbery charges. His three accomplices also face murder and robbery charges.

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