April 24, 2011

Kevin Theriault Carried A Torch For The "Tax Lady" - Charged With Masturbating In Front Of Woman Dressed As Lady Liberty

Tempe, Arizona (The Weekly Vice) - Kevin Theriault, a 42-year-old Arizona man was jailed Monday after he allegedly walked up to a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty and masturbated in front of her. And once wasn't enough apparently.

According to Tempe police, a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty was working in front of a tax preparation business when Theriault reportedly walked up to her, pulled out his penis and proceeded to masturbate in front of her.

The woman told investigators that the man had committed the same act on three prior occasions before she finally reported him.

Thinking that the suspect might try again, detectives set up surveillance in front of the business and waited for Theriualt to return. He did.

Theriault allegedly entered the parking lot, unzipped his pants and began to masturbate near the woman just as the woman stated he'd done before.

When questioned about the incidents, Theriualt told detectives that he "just wanted to go home and do his taxes."

Theriault was booked into the Tempe City Jail on three counts of public sexual indecency and three counts of indecent exposure.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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