April 17, 2011

Kelly Mellott - Jailed After Chasing Sister With Chain Saw

Redding, CA (The Weekly Vice) - Kelly Mellott, a 47-year-old California man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly chased and threatened his sister with a chain saw.

According to police, Mellott had been arguing with his sister when he grabbed a chain saw, and started after his sister with it.

Investigators say the sister ran into a bedroom to hide, however Mellott kicked the door down, started the chainsaw and then entered the room.

Mellott reportedly forced his sister onto a bed, holding the running blade just inches from her face.

That's when the woman grabbed a metal air vent to use as a shield as she fled the bedroom. She reportedly escaped uninjured.

Mellott was booked into jail on charges of attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and terrorist threats. His bail was set at $500,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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