April 11, 2011

James Norman Is Looking For A New Roommate - Accused Of Strangling Man To Death For Snoring

Provo, Utah (The Weekly Vice) - James Norman, a 33-year-old mental hospital patient was placed on lock down and may face murder charges after he allegedly strangled his roommate to death because of his snoring.

According to Utah state authorities, 28-year-old Omar Abas Sharif was found dead in his room at Utah State Hospital where he and Norman both reside.

Police say Norman strangled Sharif to death because he was was unable to sleep due to the victim's snoring sounds. Although the incident happened in March, details of the incident were kept quiet until this week.

Investigators say the hospital was not allowed to release any information about the incident due to HIPPA laws, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Court records show Norman has a long history of criminal offenses.

In 2007, Norman pleaded guilty - but mentally insane - to charges of third-degree assault by a prisoner.

In December 2009, he was charged with inappropriately touching a 16-year-old girl at the Provo Town Center.

In 2010, Norman was charged again with third-degree assault by a prisoner. Additional charges were levied when Norman headbutted his own attorney. The court found, however, that he was incompetent to stand trial and was instead remanded to the Utah State Hospital for treatment.

In February 2011, he was apprehended on several warrants for numerous charges, including sexual battery, disorderly conduct, interfering with an arrest, impersonating a police officer and assault by a prisoner.

Norman remains in the Utah State Hospital where he remains on lock down. Although police are treating the case as a homicide, his incompetency status may make it difficult for prosecutors to convict him.

Norman's next competency hearing is scheduled for March, 2012.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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