April 13, 2011

Ho Suk Kim, Nabbed On Prostitution Charges AGAIN!

Ho Suk Kim 2009 Jail Booking

Columbus, GA (The Weekly Vice) - In February of 2009, The Weekly Vice was pleased to bring you the story of Ho Suk Kim - a prostitute who's name was just too peculiar to pass up.

Kim, a Georgia resident who was working at a Tampa, Florida massage parlor at the time, was busted after she offered to have sex with a deputy for $150 following his "massage" session.

According to Columbus Police, the 46-year-old woman was jailed once again after offering to have sex with an undercover police officer for $200. Additionally she offered to perform oral sex for the bargain price of just $100.

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Tampa, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- We at The Weekly Vice are ashamed of ourselves for missing this story last week. But we'll get that corrected right here and now. The wait should be worth it.

Ho Suk Kim (yes, that's really her name), a 44-year-old Georgia woman was arrested last Wednesday on prostitution charges after she allegedly offered oral sex to Tampa police officers who posed as customers.

According to Tampa police, two investigators went to a spa located at 3804 N. A st., where they reportedly received a massage from Kim for $60. At the end of each session, Kim allegedly asked both officers if they would like her to perform oral sex for $150.

Kim was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on two counts of prostitution and two counts of unlicensed practice of health care. She was released the next day on a $4,500 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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