April 17, 2011

Gabriel Armandariz - Charged With Murder After Sending Ex-Girlfriend A Photo Of Her Their Child Hanging

Fort Worth, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Gabriel Armandariz, a 28-year-old Texas man was jailed Friday after he allegedly murdered his two sons before sending his ex-girlfriend a cell phone picture of her infant son hanging.

According to police, an investigation was launched after Armandariz began sending his ex-girlfriend a series of cell phone photographs that quickly turned grisly.

Armandariz first began the day Wednesday by sending his ex-girlfriend a photograph of their 2-year-old and and 8-month-old boys playing. The boy's mother viewed the photographs while she was at work.

The next photograph reportedly shows Armandariz lying on a bed with the two boys on either side of him. Below the photo was a message that said "We love u goodbye."

The third photo, which was sent around 4 p.m. reportedly showed the youngest boy hanging, according to a co-worker who saw the photograph on the woman's cell phone.

Upon receipt of the photographs, the mother called police. Armandariz also reportedly called police and told them that he had killed the two boys, but wouldn't tell investigators where they were located. After a ten hour search, investigators eventually located Armendariz and found the two boys dead.

The mother had recently broken off a relationship with Armandariz and had retained a lawyer to gain custody of her two sons.

Armandariz was booked into jail on capital murder charges. His bond has been set at $1.5 million.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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