April 28, 2011

Dillon Pearce - Jailed After Squashing Four Ducklings With His Hummer SUV

Dillon Pearce MySpace

Ann Arbor, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Dillon Robert Pearce, a 19-year-old Michigan man was jailed Monday after he allegedly squashed four ducklings to death with his Hummer in a McDonald's parking lot.

According to police, Pearce intentionally ran over four ducklings in the parking lot of a McDonalds after he had dropped by the restaurant to pick up some food.

Investigators say Pearce was stopped at the drive-thru when one of his friends hopped out of the SUV and attempted to catch one of the ducklings.

A duck and her 8 ducklings had been nested nearby and had been walking the parking lot that day. Employees shouted at the man to leave the ducklings alone.

Pearce and his friend then left the parking lot and stopped in an adjacent parking lot for about 15 minutes to eat their food.

Witnesses say Pearce returned to the parking lot, ran over four of the ducklings and then sped off. Officers located Pearce at a nearby gas station and took him into custody.

Pearce was arraigned on felony charges Tuesday. Pearce's attorney, Mr. Nacht, told the judge that his client was trying to rescue the ducklings from other cars.

"It's nonsense," said Nacht. "The notion that this was an intentional act is ridiculous. My client is a normal guy from a good family. He cares about animals."

*And yes we did note that Mr. Pearce tried to hide his MySpace by changing his age and state. FAIL.

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