April 21, 2011

Dennis Markov Shot Both Parents In The Head Over $5 Worth Of Gas Money

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Mequon, WI (The Weekly Vice) - Dennis Markov, a 20-year-old Wisconsin man was charged with murder Thursday after he allegedly shot both of his parents in the back of the head over $5 in gas money.

According to Police, Markov told investigators that he became angry when he asked his father for $5 in gas money, and his father refused.

Investigators say an argument ensued, and Markov retaliated by retrieving a .22 caliber rifle from his bedroom - which he then used to shoot his father in the back of the head.

Markov was reportedly trying to wrap his father's head with a towel to contain the blood when he heard his father gurgle. That's when he pointed the rifle at his father once more and shot him again.

Markov then dragged his father's body across the kitchen floor into the garage before swiping $30 from his father's wallet.

Markov was mopping up his father's blood in the kitchen when his mother returned around 8 p.m. after running errands.

Police say Markov hid in the laundry room and waited for his mother. When she walked past the laundry room, he reportedly fired two shots into the back of her head. He then reportedly wrapped her head with towels and hid her body in the garage along with his father.

With both parents deceased, Markov rummaged through his parents room and took another $200.

When Markov's mother didn't show up for work for the second day in a row, her employer became concerned and called the house. Markov answered the phone explaining that his parents went on vacation. Larissa's employer didn't buy the story and called police.

When police knocked at the door and inquired about his parent's well-being, Markov reportedly told them that his parents went on vacation the day before. When Markov began giving conflicting information, police conducted a search of the premises. That's when officers discovered the bodies of Victor Markov, 45, and Larissa Markov, 39, hidden in the garage under a multi-colored blanket.

When police asked Markov if he was happy or sad that his parents were now deceased, Markov responded by stating that "he never felt better." He went on to explain that he had purchased a plane ticket to return to the Ukraine and had planned to call the police in the U.S. and tell them where he had hidden his parent's bodies.

Dennis Markov was booked into jail on two counts of first-degree murder. His bond has been set at $1 million.

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