April 28, 2011

Dalia Dippolito - Woman Who Hired Would-Be Hitman To Murder Husband Claims It Was All Just Big Hoax To Get Reality TV Show

Boynton Beach, FL (The Weekly Vice) - In August, 2009, we introduced you to Dalia Dippolito. The 27-year-old Florida woman who attempted to hire a hitman to kill her husband - unaware that the would-be hitman she was talking to was an undercover officer.

According to Boynton Beach Police, Dippolito offered the "hitman" $6,000 to murder her husband of six months, stating "When I set my mind to something, I get it done."

Police didn't just take the money and arrest her. They went all out - staging an entire murder scene complete with crime tape, crime scene photographers and patrol cars that blocked off access to the street the couple lived on.

Officers then called Mrs. Dippolito and informed her that she needed to come home right away... that something horrible had happened. When she arrived home, cops video-taped her response as she arrived to discover that her husband was dead.

Now, more than a year and a half later, Dalia Dippolito's trial has begun - and if you thought the drama ended when she was arrested, think again.

Dalia Dippolito's defense team has an uphill climb in this trial since investigators were able to capture a large amount of recorded evidence that reportedly shows Dalia insisting over and over that she wanted her husband murdered.

What DOES a murder suspect do when just about everything has been captured on tape?

During opening statements Tuesday, Dippolito's defense team claimed that her alleged effort to hire a hitman was all just an elaborate hoax to attract attention for a reality show.

Yes, that's right. When Dippolito asked an undercover cop to murder her husband, it was all just a ruse to get a TV reality show.

What's more, Dippolito's defense team argued that the victim, Mike Dippolito, was in on the hoax the entire time.

"It was a stunt that Michael Dippolito, whether he'll admit it or not, hoped to capture the attention of someone in reality TV," stated Dalia Dippolito's counsel. "Michael Dippolito's Hoax to achieve fame and fortune was a bad prank."

That information was interesting news to Mr. Dippolito who testified that he was shocked his wife would try to have him killed after just six months of marriage.

Of course there's one little sticking point that the defense might have a hard time overcoming.

Someone forgot to tell the would-be hitman that the entire thing was a hoax.

Good luck on that one, Dalia Dippolito.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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