April 12, 2011

Betty Bjorkman Loved The Animals - Lived On Urine Soaked Carpets

Uniondale, N.Y. (The Weekly Vice) - Betty Bjorkman, a 56-year-old Long Island woman was jailed Tuesday after police discovered 100 cats and 3 ferrets living in deplorable conditions inside her apartment.

According to police, 103 cats and 3 ferrets were rescued from a second story, two-bedroom apartment after officers and animal welfare workers discovered the animals living in deplorable conditions.

Betty Bjorkman, the animal's caregiver, was arrested on multiple counts of animal cruelty. Her landlord also served her an eviction notice.

Investigators say apartment has become uninhabitable for humans or animals - mostly due to the toxic levels of ammonia emanating from the urine soaked carpet inside the apartment.

Glen Clove Animal Lovers League workers removed a majority of the animals over a three-day period. One cat fled the scene through an open window when officers arrived.

Bjorkman was booked into jail on 103 counts of animal cruelty. She's due back in court on April 19.

Her attorney denied the charges, stating that the animals were all cared for.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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