April 06, 2011

Ashley Steele - Jailed After Shooting Man To Death Who She Believed Gave Her Herpes

Chicago, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Ashley Nicole Steele, a 21-year-old Chicago area prostitute was jailed Tuesday after she allegedly shot a client to death because she believed he gave her herpes.

According to Chicago police, Steele reportedly went to 40-year-old Derrick Gray's residence on February 4th to have paid sexual relations.

While they were in the bedroom, another woman knocked on the front door and claimed that Gray had given her herpes. She showed Steele text messages on her cellphone in which Gray apologized for giving her the disease.

Investigators say while Gray was talking to the woman, Steele stole a gun a bedroom end-table and began formulating a plan to murder Gray and then rob him.

When Gray came back inside, she pointed the gun at his head. Gray begged for his life and offered her money to let him go. When Gray attempted to push past her into a bedroom, Steele fired a shot through the bedroom door and struck him.

Steele then opened the door and shot him two more times.

After steeling cash from his pocket, she fled through an open window and was met by a car waiting down the street.

Detectives noted that Steele bought clothes, shoes, bleach, gloves and a baby bathtub from an area Wal-Mart soon after the murder, according to surveillance video. She then scrubbed the gun and changed out of her clothes she was wearing at the crime scene. Police later found the gun, clothes, and cleaning supplies in several Calumet City trash dumpsters.

Steele was booked into jail and was charged with first-degree murder. She was denied bond. A a preliminary hearing was set for April 26th.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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