April 11, 2011

Angelica Clark - Charged With Murder After Tossing Live Newborn Into Garbage

Angelica Clark Jail Booking Report

Houston, Texas (The Weekly Vice) - Angelica Huerta Clark, a 21-year-old Texas woman was jailed Friday after she allegedly delivered a live baby before throwing her into a dumpster where she subsequently froze to death.

According to Houston Police, an investigation was launched Dec. 28 when an apartment complex maintenance worker discovered the body of an infant girl while moving trash from one trash bin to another.

Investigators say the child was pronounced dead at the scene, but had no apparent wounds. Detectives believe that Clark placed the newborn into the trash while taking out household garbage.

Clark told investigators that she wasn't aware that she was pregnant when she suddenly passed out during a shower. When she awoke, she found the dead baby "bobbing" in the water. She then cut the umbilical cord and put the newborn in the trash, according to her statement.

Harris County forensic science experts who performed an autopsy on the child determined, however, that the she was alive and breathing at the time of her birth. The autopsy report concluded that the child died from asphyxiation and exposure to to the 45-degree December weather that day.

The report went on to explain that the child's organs shut down because of the cold, rendering the baby girl unable to breath.

Clark was booked into the Harris County Jail on a charge of murder. No bail has been set.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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