March 09, 2011

Vicki Moon Created Doggie Hell Inside Her Home

Crown Point, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Vicki Moon, a 62-year-old Indiana woman was jailed Friday after police found 17 sick dogs living in filth inside her home, with feces piled nearly two-feet high.

But it wasn't until investigators made a final sweep of the house - looking for animals - that they stumbled upon a horrifying discovery.

According to police, it took officers more than two hours to wade through feces, trash and debris while looking for at least 17 animals who lived inside her home.

Investigators say conditions inside the home were so bad, they found feces piled up to 18 inches high on the second floor of the home. In at least one instance, one of the dogs had tunneled through the feces to get to a hiding spot underneath a bed.

Neighbors stated that they had been calling authorities for years about the stench coming from the home and reported seeing up to 50 dogs living at the residence at one time. They also told investigators that Moon had been living in her car outside the home - possibly to avoid the very stench they had been complaining about.

The most horrifying find of them all came when officials were conducting a final sweep of the home - attempting to make sure no animals were left behind.

Police say officers opened a deep-freezer in the garage to discover the corpses of 17 dead animals wrapped in plastic and then placed among her frozen food items. The animals reportedly included two large dogs, 13 puppies and 3 cats.

Investigators believe Moon was attempting to breed and sell the animals before the operation got wildly out of control.

Moon was booked into jail on 17 misdemeanor counts of animal neglect. She was not charged for the incidents involving the deceased animals because investigators have not established a cause of death for them.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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