March 22, 2011

Richard Barton - Charged With Polygamy After Posting Wedding Photographs On Facebook, Current Wife Not Amused

Muskegon, Mich (The Weekly Vice) - Richard Barton Jr., a 43-year-old Michigan man was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly posted photographs of his wedding on Facebook.

There was just one problem. Barton was already married.

According to police, Barton had been estranged from his wife, Adina Quarto, for a few years when he apparently decided that it was time to get married again.

The couple, who reportedly have a six-year-old son together, had discussed getting a divorce, but neither party pursued the idea through to a conclusion.

The couple reportedly met online in 2003, prompting Barton to move from Michigan to Rhode Island so they could be married.

Quarto states that Barton went to work one day and never returned home. It was later discovered that he had been arrested as a parole absconder from Michigan. He was convicted of home invasion in 2000, and police believe he fled to Rhode Island after he was released from prison.

Investigators say Barton returned to Michigan and eventually became engaged to a Grand Rapids woman in 2010. The woman was reportedly under the belief that Barton had completed a divorce from his "first wife."

Soon after their engagement, Barton reportedly deleted Quarto from his Facebook "friends" list as he and his new bride-to-be made wedding plans.

"He told me he just wanted to ignore the situation and pretend I didn't exist," said Quarto.

Barton's downfall came when he failed to adjust the privacy settings on his Facebook page, allowing anyone to view his photo albums.

Barton reportedly uploaded photographs of his wedding after marrying his new bride in July. His current wife, however, wasn't very amused.

Barton was booked into jail on a felony county of polygamy. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. He has since been released on bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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