March 02, 2011

Nick Galiatsatos - Pizza Shop Owner Jailed After Planting Mice In Rivals' Pizza Shops

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Nick Galiatsatos, a 48-year-old pizza shop owner was jailed Monday after he allegedly tried to sabotage two competitor pizza shops by planting live mice in their establishments.

Galiatsatos, the owner of Nina's Bella Pizzeria was caught red handed when he entered a competitor's restaurant, asked to use the restroom, and then proceeded to plant live mice in a presumed effort to sabotage the business.

"After he left - when I went into the bathroom - I saw footprints on, like, the toilet seat. I opened up the drop ceiling, and that's when I found the bag of mice," said Fanis Facas, operator of Verona Pizza.

Surveillance video recorded Galiatsatos as he entered the restaurant holding a bag and then left the restaurant's bathroom without the bag.

Investigators say Galiatsatos then walked across the street to Uncle Nick's Pizza, created some small talk, and then dumped more mice into a trash can inside the restaurant.

Police were hot on Galiatsatos' tail after Fracas discovered the mice in his bathroom and then showed the bag containing them to two police officers who were dining inside his restaurant. Galiatsatos was stopped by the officers shortly after planting the mice in the second pizza shop's trash can.

Galiatsatos was booked into jail on charges of criminal mischief and cruelty to animals.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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