March 27, 2011

Latasha Williams - Woman Jailed After Brawling With Court Officers During Hearing

Las Vegas, Nevada (The Weekly Vice) - Latasha Williams, a 36-year-old Nevada woman broke the courtroom high-jump record when she tussled with court officers during a child endangerment hearing on Tuesday.

"Let me go, I've got kids and responsibilities," Williams shouted as officers struggled to hang on to her. "I've had enough of you guys abusing me and throwing me in jail like I'm a fucking animal!"

"I'm tired of these trifling judges. They're trying to accuse me of something I didn't do," Williams went on to say. "I've had three evaluations.... that should be enough to satisfy the court's arguments."

According to court officials, Williams was attending a mental health hearing following her arrest for child endangerment and kidnapping. When an officer tried to take her into custody, Williams resisted - climbing up another officer until his head was briefly scissored between her legs. She was eventually wrestled down and returned to jail.

An officer was injured during the brawl and received treatment for injuries to his knee and face.

Investigators say Williams was jailed after she threatened two young children in a Las Vegas apartment complex.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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