March 24, 2011

Kimesa Smith To Police: "I Don't Play No Games, We Tore That Burger King Up"

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Panama City Beach, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Kimesa Smith, a 23-year-old Alabama woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly attacked a Burger King employee while wearing a bikini - sparking a mini-riot that was all captured on a cell phone camera inside the restaurant.

According to Panama City Beach Police, a bikini clad Kimesa Smith had a melt down over a Whopper Jr. that would eventually leave the restaurant in complete disarray.

Investigators say Smith had ordered a food item through the drive-thru when she became angry and stormed inside the restaurant to confront Burger King employees.

Smith was reportedly upset with how long it took to prepare her Whopper Jr. and fries. She reportedly argued with a female employee before jumping atop the order counter. That's when she reportedly threw several items, including a large charity donation jug. She also allegedly pulled the female employee's hair.

Outside the restaurant, Smith resisted arrest when a police officer tried to handcuff her.

"Take your damn hands off me, you can't touch me," she reportedly shouted at the officer. She reportedly continued to yell and scream while an employee identified her as the suspect and attempted to give police her statement.

Later in a police interview, Smith reportedly admitted to being angry because her food took 20 minutes to prepare (her words). She also admitted to throwing a bag of food at the employees as well as another customer's soft drink.

"We tore the Burger King up," she reportedly bragged. "I don't play no games.

During the interview, Smith reportedly remembered that she had children - and remarked to officers that she was worried about their well-being. Officers called one of the adult females who was with Smith, and that female said she would watch over the children until Smith could make bail.

Smith was booked into the Bay County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.

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The Weekly Vice

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