March 20, 2011

Katherine Morse To Police = Moth To Flame - Jailed For DUI After Griping At Police Officers Working Crash Scene

Denver, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) - Katherine Morse, a 49-year-old Colorado woman was jailed on DUI charges after she allegedly pulled up to a crash scene and then scolded officers about the way they were parked.

According to Police, officers had been called to a car crash and were attempting to move a vehicle involved in the accident when Morse stopped her vehicle and decided to give officers a piece of her mind.

Investigators say officers had parked their cars around the accident scene to prevent a suspected drunk driver involved in the crash from leaving the scene of the accident.

Officers reportedly asked Morse to return to her vehicle, but instead she became "belligerent with them, telling them it was a stupid place" for a traffic stop, according to the arrest report.

During Morse' rant, officers detected the odor of alcohol on her breath and conducted a roadside sobriety test on her. After failing the sobriety test, she refused to submit to a breath test, according to the arrest affidavit.

The driver of the car involved in the crash, Jericho Bennett, was also arrested for DUI.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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