March 02, 2011

James Dickie Neutered His Dog With Fire - Jailed After Burning Dog's Testicles To Save Neutering Costs

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Albuquerque, New Mexico (The Weekly Vice) - James Dickie, a 23-year-old New Mexico man was jailed after he allegedly burned a dog's testicles to save on the expense of having the animal neutered.

According to Rio Rancho police, Dickie used fire to burn his dog's scrotum and testicles in an alleged attempt to avoid the cost of having the animal neutered.

Police were notified when a neighbor called Dickie's grandmother, who sent a family friend to Dickie's home. The friend reportedly found the dog inside the room, unable to move because of burns.

Investigators say Dickie was observed violently beating the dog just two days prior. Dickie dropped kicked the dog several times and threw the animal into a yucca plant.

The dog, who's name is Charlie, was taken into custody and is receiving treatment for his injuries. A neighbor reportedly paid $700 to a local vet to help treat Charlie's injuries.

The veterinarian who examined him said the dog is blind and had wounds on his ears, head and genitals.

Dickie (who's last name aptly describes him) was booked into jail on a charge of fourth-degree animal cruelty.

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