March 03, 2011

Father Ignatius Kury - Drunk Priest Goes On 20 Minute Rant After Drunk Driving Arrest - Offers Oral Sex To Officers

Brimfield Township, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Father Ignatius Kury, a priest with the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic church went on a 20 minute rant that included an offer of oral sex after officers nabbed him for drunk driving Sunday night.

According to police, Kury was picked up for drunk driving after officers found him highly intoxicated inside a vehicle he had just wrecked. But it was the good father's rant from a holding cell that prompted officers to grab a video camera and record the meltdown.

Officers were forced to handcuff Kury to the holding cell wall after he reportedly tried to walk out several times as they were checking him in. Kury was quick to voice his displeasure with being locked up by threatening and then propositioning officers.

"I'll pay you whatever you want. What do you want? Want me to give you a blowjob? Is that what you want? Want me to be a sex sex slave?" asked Kury as he fussed with his handcuffs.

"I'll give you the sermon on the mount," he warned officers. "Get these (expletive) off me because I'm getting a rash."

Investigators say Kury was nearly three times over the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. It was reportedly his third OVI since 2004.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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