March 18, 2011

Earl Lee Vogt To Corrections Officer: "My Ass Is Bleeding"

Earl Lee Vogt Jail Booking Report

Lake County, California (The Weekly Vice) - Earl Lee Vogt, 29-year-old California faces additional charges after he allegedly smuggled an array of electronics, drugs and cash into jail by hiding them inside his rectum.

According to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, Vogt was booked into jail on Tuesday after he was sentenced to almost 4 years incarceration on a recent narcotics conviction. He underwent standard booking procedures, including a strip search, before being placed into a cell.

Investigators say on Wednesday, an officer smelled marijuana smoke coming from Vogt's cell, which prompted a new search of Vogt's cell and various body cavities.

Corrections officers found a cell phone, an mp3 player, ear bud headphones, marijuana, tobacco and $140 inside his cell. Investigators believe he smuggled the items into the jail by hiding them inside his rectum. Their suspicions were strengthened when a deputy asked Vogt if he was in pain - and he answered by stating: "My ass is bleeding."

Vogt allegedly admitted to sneaking most of the items into jail, but stated that he obtained the marijuana by trading another cell phone he had smuggled in. Deputies didn't believe his story.

Vogt was charged with a felony count of smuggling a controlled substance into prison and a misdemeanor count of unauthorized possession of a wireless communication device.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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