March 01, 2011

Cynthia Palmer - Jailed After Snorting Bath Salts, Dropping Child On Highway And Then Leaving Him

Calvert City, Kentucky (The Weekly Vice) - Cynthia Palmer, a 29-year-old Kentucky woman was jailed after she allegedly snorted bath salts before wandering alongside a busy interstate with her two small children.

According to police, officers began searching the area after finding a two-year-old child laying on the shoulder of westbound I-24 with cuts and scrapes to the back of the head.

Police then found a woman, later identified as Palmer, walking inside the median of eastbound I-24, carrying her 5-year-old child.

Palmer told police that she had snorted bath salts and was traveling to Fort Campbell, Tennessee when she began to hallucinate. She stopped the car, got out and began walking with both children. She also stated that she dropped her 2-year-old child on the road and left him. Investigators believe the child's head injuries occured when Palmer dropped him.

The 2-year-old was taken to Kosair's Children's Hospital in Louisville while the 5-year-old was taken into protective custody by social services.

Palmer was booked into the Marshall County Jail on charges of first-degree assault, first-degree wanton endangerment and public intoxication.

Bath salts have increased in popularity among drug users because it contains a chemical stimulant that is not currently controlled by the DEA. Its effects reportedly mimic those of cocaine, ecstasy and LSD.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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