March 16, 2011

Casey Heynes Wasn't Going To Be A Victim Today - Turns Tables On Bully

Casey Heynes vs Bully by kleksiq

Casey the Punisher Facebook Fanpage (cached because it's been disabled)
Casey Heynes Bully Slapdown Site
YouTube Couldn't Handle The Punisher
Casey Heynes Goes Around The World

Sydney, Australia (The Weekly Vice) - The Internet is abuzz today with the story of a boy who is now being hailed a hero for bullied kids everywhere.

Meet 16-year-old Casey Heynes, a Chifley College Dunheved Campus student who reportedly has been known around school as the "fat kid" to bully.

The bully in the video, who we'll identify only as "Richard", can be seen seen taking a jab at Casey before needling him with a serious of humiliating pokes while a friend video-records the event.

No doubt, our friend Richard thought he'd get his kicks, like the bullies who had come before him. But Casey the Punisher, as he's now been dubbed in the media, decided that he had endured enough.

The video rolls as Casey lifts Richard's scrawny body and then body slams him to the concrete. Richard, in an attempt to save face, pops up and hops around like an injured grasshopper.

A photograph (above right) has now emerged showing Richard on crutches.

Casey the Punisher's video went viral online after it was posted on Facebook and quickly made it's way to YouTube. Both YouTube and Facebook have removed the videos, but Casey the Punisher lives on at other Internet venues (here for example).

The school took action against the boys - suspending them both for 4 days - after a local news outlet aired the video just a few days ago.

The online video originally came with a blurb that stated "this 16-year-old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life."

Heynes father confirmed that statement by stating that his son had been tormented for years (over his weight) and he feared for (his son's) safety.

"There'll be reprisals from other kids in the school and he still has to go somewhere," Heynes father stated. "He's not a violent kid, it's the first time he's lashed out and I don't want him to be victimized over that."

In the aftermath of the fight, Casey Heynes fan pages have popped up all over the Internet in a matter of just a few days. There's even a site dedicated to setting up a college fund for Casey.

Now the national press (eek) is covering the story - showcasing it's usual talking heads who bobble on about setting up bully crisis centers blah blah blah. Just say NO to standing up for yourself, they say in non-direct terms.

In many cases we'd agree with them. But we doubt there are many bully crisis centers on the lower income side of Sydney where this event took place.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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