March 17, 2011

Casey Crump - Jailed After Ripping Tongue Piercing Out Of Boyfriend's Mouth, Splitting Tongue In Half

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Casey Crump, a 21-year-old Spartanburg County woman was jailed after she allegedly ripped her boyfriend's tongue piercing out of his mouth, splitting his tongue in two.


According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, Crump's boyfriend, 25-year-old Jason Batton, was in the process of moving out of their shared residence when Crump became enraged and began attacking him.

Investigators say Crump ripped Batton's t-shirt off then scratched his arm and face numerous times. The couple was standing face-to-face when Batton stuck his tongue out at Crump.

In retaliation, she bit down on Batton's tongue and ripped out his tongue piercing, splitting his tongue in two.

Batton attempted to leave, but she forced her three-year-old daughter to stand in front of his truck, then struck him in the leg with a pair of jumper cables.

Crump was booked into jail on assault charges. She went before a judge on Monday, and determined that Crump had to be interviewed by detectives before a warrant could be issued

The mug shot shown is actually from a domestic violence situation she was involved with in February.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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