February 04, 2011

Van Strikes Dozens Of Demonstrators As Egypt Spirals Out Of Control

Cairo, Egypt (The Weekly Vice) - As the world watches the struggle between the Egyptian people and the government many of them wish to drive out of power, videos are beginning to emerge that show how quickly things are spiraling out of control.

The video above captures what is described as a diplomat’s van that speeds through a crowd of protesters.

The van appears to be stopped when a group of protesters begin to swarm around it. A Molotov cocktail is thrown as smoke bellows across the roadway behind the van.

The van then takes off, crosses to the right side of the road and strikes 20 to 30 protesters before disappearing into the night.

At this point it is not known why the van took off, or who was behind the wheel, but one thing is clear. What began as a peaceful demonstration has turned more violent by the day as anti-government protesters and Mubarak loyalists clash in the streets.

Another video has also emerged that shows what appears to be a police truck racing down a street, striking several protesters.

It has been reported that many area hospitals have closed down, making it difficult for injured Egyptians to seek medical aid for such incidents of violence.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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