February 02, 2011

Stacey Champion - Jailed After Attempting To Send Live Dog Through The US Mail

Minneapolis. Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Stacey Champion, a 39-year old Minneapolis woman was jailed after she allegedly attempted to ship a live puppy to another state through the US mail.

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, Champion entered a Minneapolis post office and attempted to send a small dog to Georgia via priority mail.

Investigators say postal workers checked the box in, asking usual questions about the box containing perishables, liquids or hazardous materials. Champion reportedly answered "No" but cautioned postal workers that the package was "delicate" and to "be careful" with it.

On the outside of the package, Champion reportedly wrote "This is for your 11th birthday. It's what you wanted," according to detectives. She also reportedly told postal workers not to worry if they heard sounds coming from the box because it contained a toy robot.

Postal workers first became suspicious when they saw the box move on its own. When they opened it up, they found a 4-month-old Schnauzer and poodle mix inside. The box was completely sealed, with the only breathing holes being covered with packing tape. Detectives and postal workers agree that the dog would have likely arrived dead at its destination.

"If you don't identify it so that it can be handled properly, it goes into the cargo hold of an airplane," explained Minneapolis Police Sgt. Angela Dodge. "It gets 40 below in those cargo planes that get up to 40,000 feet."

Champion was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. She may also face federal charges of trying to ship live animals by mail.

After her arrest, Champion reportedly returned to the postal office to demand the $22 she spent to have the package delivered. She also asked for a small amount of money she claims was attached to the dog's home-made collar.

Postal workers denied the refund and referred Champion to police for an explanation about any cash that might have been recovered.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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