February 24, 2011

Paul Kausalik - Charged With Felony After Spitting Feces On Police Officer

Durango, Colorado (The Weekly Vice) - Paul Andrew Kausalik, a 61-year-old Durango postal worker was jailed after he allegedly spit feces on a police officer during an arrest for drunk driving.

According to Durango Police, Kausalik was stopped for failing to use a turn signal when the officer approached his vehicle and smelled alcohol on his breath.

Kausalik denied having anything to drink that night, however a preliminary breath test revealed his breath alcohol content to be 0.142 - nearly three times the 0.05 legal driving limit in Colorado.

Investigators say Kausalik was arrested and taken to the police station for an official breathalyzer test. Kausalik reportedly asked to use the restroom and then attempted to dodge the breath test by pretending that he fell asleep in the bathroom.

When he finally exited the bathroom, an officer noticed that he had something in his mouth. When Kausalik came within 4 feet of the officer, he violently spit the contents from his mouth onto the officer, striking him on the left side of his face and head.

The officer determined that the matter was feces, and saw that Kausalik's hands were also covered in feces.

Kausalik was booked into the La Plata County Jail and charged with felony assault on a police officer. He is due in court on March 4th.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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