February 15, 2011

Neil Lansing Had Everything Except A Smoking Jacket Hidden In His Rectum - Strip Search Reveals A 30 Item Stash

Sarasota County, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Neil Lansing, a 34-year-old Florida man is facing new charges after a long list of items were found in his anus during a booking strip search.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, Lansing was booked into jail on Friday after he was sentenced to incarceration at his Drug Court hearing.

Investigators say the inmates were undergoing a routine strip search when officers noticed part of what was believed to be a condom protruding from Lansing's anus.

Deputies removed the condom and discovered that it contained a large amount of contraband - 30 items in all!

Officers confiscated 17 Oxycodone pills, 1 cigarette, 6 matches, 1 flint, 1 empty syringe with eraser over needle, 1 lip balm container, 1 condom, 1 CVS receipt, and a coupon.

Investigators did not go into detail about what Lansing planned to do with a coupon in jail.

Lansing now faces additional charges of illegally possessing drugs and tobacco inside a county jail. He is being held without bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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