February 02, 2011

Maria Casarez - Jailed After Threatening To Hack Husbands Testicles Off Over Visits To Strip Club

Maria Casarez Arrest Affidavit

Black River Falls, WI (The Weekly Vice) - Maria Casarez, a 39-year-old Wisconsin woman was jailed after she allegedly held her husband’s penis at knife-point and threatened to hack it off after he went to a strip club and ignored her objections to it.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Casarez and her husband had arrived home after drinking at a local bar when Casarez disrobed completely and began performing oral sex on him.

Amid the act, Casarez allegedly produced a pocket knife which she held with her right hand while holding her husband’s testicles in her left hand. Casarez then held the point of the knife to her husband’s testicles, prompting him to jump up and knock the knife out of her hand.

The husband reportedly held his wife on the bed by her hair while shouting “How dare you” and accusing her of “watching too much television.” He then let her up about an hour later, according to the arrest affidavit.

When detectives asked Casarez why she threatened her husband’s penis with a knife, she explained that the two had been having marital problems and that she was upset because he had been visiting “titty bars” recently. She complained that her concerns were ignored and thought “scaring him” would help the situation.

Officers state in the report that they believed Casarez’ story to be credible, as they were “made against her penal interest.”

The knife was located by "Sgt. Johnson" in the couple’s bedroom and taken into evidence.

Casarez was booked into jail on a charge of disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon.

A link to the arrest affidavit is provided above since a few of the ironic details of this story are almost too funny to be believed.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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