February 18, 2011

Kendall Anderson - 16-Year-Old Boy Beats Mother To Death With Claw Hammer Because She Took Away His PlayStation 3

Philadelphia, PA (The Weekly Vice) - Kendall Anderson, a 16-year-old Pennsylvania teen has been ordered to stand trial for murder after he allegedly beat his mother to death with a claw-hammer because she took away his PlayStation.

According to police, Anderson became angry Nov 26 when his mother grounded him from his PlayStation 3 because of bad behavior. He allegedly contemplated killing his mother for three hours while waiting for her to fall asleep.

Investigators say Anderson then crept into his mother's room and then beat her 20 times with a claw hammer. He then dragged her body - still alive - down into the kitchen, where he attempted to cremate her in the oven.

When that failed, he reportedly paused to consider what to do next.

After deciding he had gone too far already and needed to finish what he started, he allegedly grabbed the leg of a chair and struck her head repeatedly with it until he was convinced that she was dead.

He then allegedly dragged the corpse down a side alley and into the back yard where he covered her with debris.

Anderson later confessed to police that he decided to kill his mother following a 90-minute argument that culminated in the removal of his PlayStation playing privileges. He then told investigators that he paced the floor for 3 hours while contemplating the murder.

The victim, identified as Rashida Anderson, was discovered two days later.

"If I could, I would not do it again," Anderson said during a court hearing on Tuesday. "I really miss my mom, she was the only person who cared for me."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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