February 10, 2011

Kelly Schofield Should Have Brought A Bigger Knife

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Lincoln, Rhode Island (The Weekly Vice) - Kelly Schofield, an 18-year-old Rhode Island woman was jailed Tuesday night after she allegedly tried to rob a Mini-Mart at knife-point.

According to Lincoln police, Schofield put on a ski mask and a wool hat before attempting to rob a Manville Mini-Mart at knife-point.

Investigators say Schofield flashed a knife and demanded cash, however the unamused cashier pulled out two large knives of his own instead. Schofield fled the store faster than a meth addict chasing a quick fix.

The store cashier called police, furnishing them with a description of the vehicle and part of the license plate number. Schofield was arrested a short time later at her home in Cumberland.

She was booked into jail into jail on robbery charges. Her bail was set at $30,000.

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The Weekly Vice

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