February 27, 2011

John And Sonja Kluth Adopted Three Punching Bags

Oklahoma City, OK (The Weekly Vice) - John Edward Kluth, 50, and Sonja K. Kluth, 57, were arraigned Tuesday after they allegedly tortured the three children they had adopted - beating them, burning them, locking them in cages and feeding them dog food.

According to prosecutors, the Kluths abused three adoptive children, holding them in an underground cellar and then locking them in small dog crates.

The children, which included a 15-year-old boy, an 11-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, were not fed often. But when they were fed, the couple gave the boys dog food and the girl cat food. In either case the children were not allowed to ask for food or tell anyone that they were hungry.

Investigators say the couple would beat the children with the buckle end of belts and broomsticks until they lost consciousness. The 15-year-old boy's tongue and skin was repeatedly burned with scalding water or heated up kitchen utensils while his tongue and genitals were pinched with pliers. The couple also smashed the boy's fingers and toes with a mallet, strangled him until he lost consciousness, beat him with a horse whip and stabbed him with a knife.

The girl was was beaten with broomsticks and mop handles, shoved into doors and counter tops, punched in the face and then thrown to the ground. An earring was ripped from her ear and she was struck with a telephone - breaking one of her teeth.

If the children were defiant in any way, they were again confined to dog crates in the cellar and forced to go without food for long periods of time.

The couple was charged in Canadian County District Court with three counts each of child abuse and three counts of child neglect.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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