February 13, 2011

Jessica Blackham - Charged With Leaving Newborn To Die In Toilet

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Greenville, South Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Jessica Blackham, a 24-year-old Easley woman was jailed Tuesday after she allegedly gave birth to a baby in a bathroom, then left it to die in the toilet.

According to Greenville police, Blackham was at the BI-LO Center attending a circus performance Friday when she reportedly gave birth to an infant in the bathroom and left it to die in the toilet's cold water.

Cleaning crews discovered the child around 11:30 p.m. and called 911. They were able to keep the baby warm and breathing until police arrived.

The infant, who weighed about 6 pounds, was suffering from hypothermia and was rushed to Greenville Memorial Hospital in critical but stable condition. Police believe the child was born between 9:30 and 10:30.

Although Blackham is married, she has been estranged from her husband for about a year and stated that the child is not his. Blackham's parents told the judge that her husband reportedly became abusive after he returned from Iraq.

Blackham's mother told the judge that her daughter has amnesia and doesn't remember anything about the birth.

The husband, however, stated that he believes there is something mentally wrong with Jessica and doesn't believe her story about "blacking out" or having amnesia. He also stated that during a recent conversation, Jessica told him that "aliens" were in her head telling her what to do and that if she didn't do what they said, they would abduct Katelyn (the couples 4 year old daughter).

The Department of Social services now has custody of the child. Many people have offered to adopt the baby. A foster family has since been chosen for the child.

Blackham was booked into jail and was charged with felony child abuse and unlawful neglect. Her bond was set at $30,000. As conditions of her bond, she must secure a job, live with her parents, and cooperate with the Department of Social Services.

Mandy Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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