February 10, 2011

Heidi Lewis - Teacher - Was Once, Twice, Three Times A Bit Shady

Bay City, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Heidi L. Lewis, a 41-year-old substitute teacher at Bay City Central High School in Michigan was arraigned Wednesday on charges of having sex with three male students.

According to police, Lewis was a teacher at the school from January 2010 until the end of the school year - and it was after the school year had ended, things apparently heated up for Lewis and three boys who attended her class.

An investigation was launched after a 17-year-old girl came forward to school administrators complaining that her boyfriend claimed to have had sex with Lewis.

Investigators say Lewis exchanged numbers with one of the boys at the end of the year, and the two talked after school let out. A short time later, Lewis reportedly came over to the boy's house and had sex with him.

The boy reportedly told his friend, who didn't believe the story. That's when the first boy called Lewis back over to the house - and she proceeded to have sex with both of the boys simultaneously.

Over time, the two boys bragged to a third boy (who's girlfriend eventually came forward) about the sexual relationship. He told investigators he had sex with Lewis in the back of her Jeep Cherokee.

Lewis was booked into jail on six counts of criminal sexual conduct with a student. She was released after posting $100,000 bond through Kozy Bail Bonds (no really, see?).

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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