February 17, 2011

Caira Ferguson To Cops: “Look At This Photo, Someone Stole My Identity” / Cops “Hey, Look At These Shiny Handcuffs”

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Brookhaven, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Caira Ferguson, a 21-year-old Pennsylvania woman was jailed after she allegedly complained to police about a photograph of her daughter that had been posted online without her consent, only to end up in handcuffs for taking the photograph in the first place.

According to Bookhaven Police, Ferguson went to police earlier this week with a complaint that someone had stolen her identity and posted a picture of her daughter online without her consent.

Investigators say the photograph, which was taken several months ago, showed her toddler daughter partially naked, gagged and duct-taped to a chair. The photograph inevitably ended up on a website called mediatakeout.com.

When Ferguson admitted to police that she had been the one to gag and duct-tape the little girl, police obtained a search warrant for her home and recovered the blue chair seen in the photograph. Detectives say the chair still had duct tape attached to it when they seized it as evidence.

Ferguson was booked into jail on charges of child endangerment, false imprisonment and unlawful restraint.

As police led Ferguson to a patrol car, she wrestled in her handcuffs declaring "I did not duct tape my daughter!" Authorities, however, pointed out that she was the same woman who is seen next to her duct-taped child in the photograph.

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