February 01, 2011

Brooke Zylka - Jailed After Attacking Deputy Because Liquor Store Wouldn’t Sell Her Wine

Brooke Zylka Jail Booking Report
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Holiday, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Brooke Zylka, a 45-year-old Florida woman was jailed Monday after she allegedly attacked a deputy because a liquor store wouldn't sell her wine.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, a deputy was in his cruiser writing up a report for an unrelated case when Zylka approached the cruiser and began pounding on its window.

Zylka, whose speech was slurred and breath reeked of alcohol, complained loudly that the clerk at a nearby liquor store refused to sell her a some wine.

When the deputy tried to roll up the window, Zylka reportedly tried to push it back down while screaming "No! You're going to listen to me!" She then allegedly shoved the deputy twice in the arm before tripping. The resulting fall rendered Zylka a well earned lump on the melon, compliments of the curb below.

When the deputy asked Zylka for her driver's license, she fetched it out of her car, but informed the him that she was "going home." When the deputy informed her she was going to jail, she kicked and fought as a crowd gathered around the scene.

Zylka was booked into the Pasco County Jail on two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and driving under the influence. Bond in her case has been set at $3,250.

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