February 09, 2011

Brian And Rivae Hart - Jailed After Imprisoning Little Girl Inside Bathroom For Six Years

Dayton, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Brian Hart, 50, and Rivae Hart, 49, were jailed Wednesday after they allegedly locked their 9-year-old granddaughter in a bathroom and then kept her imprisoned there for six years.

According to police, the situation came to light after the child, a fourth-grader at Orville Wright Elementary, confided to a school nurse about her horrible home life. She stated that she had told another school employee about it in first grade, but when her plea was ignored, she developed a mistrust of adults.

When detectives went to the child's home, they found her living conditions extremely deplorable. She had been forced to spend the majority of her time in a half-bath and a small part of the hallway since she was three years old.

The area was blocked by dressers, and she was forced to sleep on a cot. The only time she was let out of the area was to go to school or attend family functions.

Police believe the last "special occasion" she was allowed to leave the bathroom and attend was Christmas in 2007. The Harts claimed that they locked the child in the bathroom because she had behavioral problems. Officers stated that the child seemed developmentally normal, despite her reclusive home life.

A neighbor stated that the girl's parents lived out of state and that she came to live with her grandparents in 2004. He said that he had confronted the Harts before because he heard the girl screaming from his nearby apartment.

Another neighbor stated that she called 911 on two occasions with concerns about the little girl, but never saw authorities come out and investigate.

The Harts also have two biological sons living in the home, ages 12 and 14. All of the children are now in foster care. Police are searching for the child's biological parents.

The Harts were booked into the Montgomery County Jail and charged with kidnapping and child endangering. They are being held in lieu of $50,000 bond each.

They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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