February 01, 2011

Barry Wilson Got Tired Of Stalking His Female Victim, Decides To Set Her On Fire

Lincolnshire, UK (The Weekly Vice) - Barry Wilson, a 66-year-old United Kingdom man was jailed indefinitely after he attempted to set a woman he stalked regularly on fire.

According to Lincoln Crown Court prosecutors, Wilson had become infatuated with 21-year-old Mary Jane Jones, and routinely followed her to the Grantham Library, despite receiving a harassment warning from police and a caution after he reportedly pushed her against a wall.

Wilson also reportedly sent Jones threatening text messages and frequently took photographs of her without her permission. She reportedly put up with the attention, ignoring it as a means of dealing with the unwanted attention.

The effort of appeasing Wilson's lunacy almost turned fatal when he pulled a box of cooking matches out of his pocket and placed them in front of Jones as she sat at a library computer desk.

Wilson reportedly then stated "I've even come dressed in back for the occasion."

That's when Wilson pulled a container of lighter fluid from his pocket, poured it on Jones and then began striking one of the matches.

Investigators say Jones, realizing she was about to become a ball of flames, began undressing in an effort to rid herself of the lighter fluid. A quick-thinking bystander at the library also took note of what was happening and grabbed the matches away from Wilson.

Wilson reportedly got back to his feet, this time producing a lighter from his pocket. He managed to flick the lighter a few times before other witnesses tacked him to the ground.

"Fortunately the arm did not spark," stated prosecutors at trial.

When investigators searched Wilson's home, they found a photograph of Jones at the foot of his bed with the words "Sorry, I love you, Barry" written on it.

Prosecutors told the Crown Court that Wilson was previously jailed for four years in 1982 after he stabbed his wife after finding her in bed with another man.

Wilson was sentenced to an indefinite sentence of at least four years as a measure of protecting the public safety.

Passing sentence, the judge told Wilson "You went to the library, you poured lighter fluid fuel over head and then made a determined effort to set her alight with both matches and a lighter. Your efforts were only thwarted by members of the public. Clearly her injuries could have been horrific."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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