January 04, 2011

William Liston To Arresting Officer: “ Ozzy Osbourne’s Music Made Me Do It ”

Solon, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - William Liston, a 33-year-old Aurora man was jailed after he allegedly drove while intoxicated, then attempted to blame it on Ozzy Osbourne's music.

According to police, Liston was stopped by an officer on Christmas Eve after a witness called 911 because he was driving his vehicle erratically.

The officer stated that he was all over the road, bouncing from curb to curb, and he appeared to be loosing consciousness while he was driving because his head was lolling back and forth. At one point, he even ran an SUV off the road, according to the arrest report.

Investigators say when police interviewed Liston, he had slurred speech and was unable to stand steadily on his feet. He also had several prescription pills in his pocket. He stated that Ozzy Osbourne's music drove him mad, causing him to drive erratically.

Liston was booked into jail and charged with Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit-and-run, and failure to control his vehicle.

Police say this is Liston's second drunk driving arrest in six years. He had a prior conviction for the crime back in 2005.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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