January 11, 2011

The Tenth Annual No Pants Subway Ride Goes Off Without A Stitch, Err... Make That Hitch

New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles (The Weekly Vice) -- Along with temperatures, pants were dropping all over the country, as thousands of subway riders participated in the 10th annual No Pants! Subway Ride.

On Sunday, January 9th, thousands of participants gathered in various cities across the U.S. and dropped their drawers before boarding subways. It's an event organized by Improv Everywhere that takes place on a chosen date in January each year.

Are they protesting global warming? Well, not without pants they aren't. Are they going bottomless to fight hunger? Nope. In fact, the only purpose of the event seems to be having fun.

According to the organization's website, about 3,500 participants dropped trow and braved New York's freezing temps. The high temperature was reported to be 32 degrees with wind gusts of up to 47 miles per hour.

No Pants Subway Ride events were scheduled in 50 other cities across 24 countries. Needless to say, the need for bottomless fun is catching on around the globe.

The group's touted purpose? To cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.

The organization's creator, Charlie Todd, began "pranking" in August, 2001. Now the organization claims to have completed 80 like-spirited missions in all.

Other group events include the "Human Mirror" - where identical twins board subways and mimic each other's actions to see how long it takes before subway riders notice. And we don't mean just one set of twins.

Another event, "Frozen Grand Central", sends a large group of participants into New York's Grand Central Station who act normally until a chosen moment when they all freeze in suspended animation.

"Best Buy", another organized mission of Improv sends a large group of participants dressed in blue polos and tan khakis into chosen Best Buy retail stores. Since participants are dressed in the basic Best Buy uniform, they are all too happy to offer friendly help or advice to shoppers who mistake them as store employees. That is until they're asked to leave.

Puzzled looks, smiles, giggles and an occassional look disbelief seem to be the general reaction to these staged "missions".....and that's good, considering the enormous numbers of people who participate in the edgy antics they try.

For those who are put off by such utter foolishness and unabashed pantslessness (a new word, we're sure), you might beware. The No Pants prank is growing.

From what we can tell, the number of participants are more than doubling each year as missions are added and word gets out. The organization claims 1200 to 1500 participants turned out for the New York Pants Off prank alone!

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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