January 18, 2011

Teens Rescued After Sex Doll River Rafting Goes Horribly Wrong

Melbourne, Australia (The Weekly Vice) - A 19-year-old Australian couple had to be rescued by authorities Sunday after they reportedly attempted to float down a flooded river on an inflatable sex dolls.

According to Australian authorities, a witness called 000 to report that a man and a woman screamed for help while floating down the swollen Yarra River near Warrandyte North on a pair of inflatable sex dolls.

The woman eventually lost her grip on her doll, and was clinging for dear life to a tree in the water when help arrived. They were rescued by a kayaker who brought life jackets and assisted them until rescue crews arrived. The teens were evaluated by paramedics, but did not need any medical assistance.

Investigators say there have been 50 water rescues in the last week due to flooding in the area. There were people in genuine need of assistance, so authorities were not amused by the couple's antics.

The fate of the inflatable doll is unknown, according to Senior Constable, Wayne Wilson.

Australian authorities also wished to remind thrill-seekers that an inflatable doll does not qualify as certified floatation devise.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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