January 30, 2011

Steven Phillips Took A Stab At A Little Prison Gore - Charged After Assaulting Own Penis

Sheboygan, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Steven Phillips, a Sheboygan inmate who was incarcerated after violating his probation, was charged again after he allegedly attacked his own penis with pieces of metal from a prison sprinkler system.

According to police, correctional officers came to Phillips' cell when a fire alarm was activated, causing the jail's sprinkler system to flood the jail.

When officers entered the cell, they found Phillips standing below a sprinkler holding his penis which appeared to be bleeding.

Investigators say Phillips was found inserting two zip-tie-like objects into his penis. Phillips then removed the zip tie objects and two other metal pieces that had been inserted into his penis.

Phillips' prior arrests include disorderly conduct, lewd and lascivious behavior, property damage and violating a restraining order. In each instance Phillips was found to have committed the crime, but was not convicted by reason of mental disorder. Phillips was, however, previously convicted of drunk driving.

Phillips now faces a charge of interference with firefighting equipment.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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