January 03, 2011

Shemicka McVey Got Stabby After Boyfriend Refused To Show Her His Facebook Page

Shemicka McVey Facebook
Maurice Davenport Facebook

Indianapolis, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Shemicka McVey, a 21-year-old Indiana woman was jailed Sunday night after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend because he wouldn't let her see his Facebook page.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police, McVey's live in boyfriend, 22-year-old Maurice Davenport, called police after McVey got stabby over his Facebook page.

Investigators say an altercation ensued between the couple when McVey demanded to see Davenport's Facebook page and Davenport didn't want her her to.

McVey told police she followed Davenport downstairs where the couple continued to argue about his profile page. It was during the argument that she "accidentally" picked up a knife and stabbed him in the arm while attempting to "defend" herself.

Davenport stated that he went downstairs to lay on the couch when McVey followed him down, grabbed a knife and confronted him. He told police he was slashed by the knife while attempting to grab it out of McVey's hand.

The couple then reportedly got into a shoving match following the stabbing. The couple's two-year old child was upstairs when the alleged altercation occurred.

A police report was written up on the incident, however there were reportedly no arrests made.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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