January 31, 2011

Charges Filed In All-Girl Brawl That Left Several Girls Nude Or Partially Nude On YouTube

Ocala, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Arrest warrants were issued for 9 Florida women Monday, following an all-girl brawl at a local convenience store that left several of the women nude or partially nude when the girls began pulling at each other's hair and clothing.

According to the Ocala Police department, tempers were heated when two groups of women got into a confrontation at the Club Zanzabar nightclub on December 30. When the women crossed paths again later that night at a RaceTrac gas station, a full-out brawl erupted in the store's parking lot.

The ensuing fracas left several women nude or partially nude. Other women were bruised, scratched and/or had hair extensions pulled out.

Reportedly, no one called police to report the fight, however, an investigation was launched in January after police reviewed the video above on YouTube. The video went viral on the Internet not long after it was posted.

One of the brawling divas, 18-year-old Shanteria Lawson, called police January 12 when she learned police were looking for her. She stated that she was calling because she wanted to avoid additional criminal charges for "running from the cops."

Police first identified her as one of the suspects after reading comments she had left on a website that hosted the video.

A second woman, 21-year-old Ashley Douglas, was identified by anonymous tip.

A third woman, Arisha Grant, 20, was also identified and admitted to "double teaming" a girl in a printed dress. The woman who wore that dress was completely naked after Douglas and an accomplice tore it off.

In addition to those women, police are encouraging the following women to turn themselves in. Brandi Kinsler, 25, Fabian McFatten, 22, Christie McFatten, 22, Kenyatta Brown, 26, Nyeisha Cogdell, 18 and Shacoya Montgomery.

Each participant in the fight will be booked into the Marion County Jail on disorderly conduct and public fighting charges. Bail has been set at $1,200 each.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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