January 25, 2011

Catherine Murray Lowe - Charged With Beating 5-Year-Old Girl To Death, Attempting To Drop Dying Girl Off At Daycare

Elm Grove, Louisiana (The Weekly Vice) - Catherine Murray Lowe, a 34-year-old Louisiana woman has been charged with murder after she allegedly beat her step-daughter senseless and then tried to drop the child off at day care as she was dying.

According to police, officers were first summoned when Lowe's husband brought 5-year-old Anna Celeste Lowe to the hospital. Doctors say the little girl had been dead for about two hours when the child arrived into their care.

An autopsy of the child's body revealed that the she had been abused so severely that her stomach was severed from her intestines. Investigators compared the injury to those a victim would sustain in a car accident.

As detectives looked into the case, they discovered that the little girl had been in Lowe's care that day. Two other children in Lowe's home told investigators that the little girl was injured when Lowe forced the child into a bathroom.

"The two children said they heard a tremendous thump in the house. When they opened the door to the room (Lowe and the child) were in, Anna was vomiting and on the floor, curled up in pain," stated Sheriff's Office spokesperson, Doyle Dempsey.

Anna was sick and vomiting when her father, Wesley Lowe, came home from work. She was still vomiting when he went back to work that night and sick when he got home at about 3 a.m. the next morning.

Investigators say the girl's injuries went remained untreated when Lowe attempted to drop the child off at a workplace daycare the next day. Daycare workers saw that the child looked desperately ill and begged Lowe to take the her to the emergency room. She did not.

"During the long trip home, Catherine Murray (Lowe) stopped at a grocery store in Bossier City, leaving the dying child alone in the vehicle as she went inside to purchase (a sport drink)," said Dempsey. "She passed several hospitals on the way and made absolutely no attempt to obtain necessary and critical attention for the dying child."

When Catherine Lowe returned home with the child, Wesley Lowe took her to the hospital, but the little girl had been deceased for two hours at that point.

Catherine and Wesley Lowe were initially booked into jail for negligent homicide. Catherine Lowe's charges were upgraded to first-degree murder after investigators interviewed witnesses connected to the case. Bail has not yet been established in the case.

The child was buried last week in Ouachita Park, near the residence of her biological mother, Jamie.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

What does one say in case like this. To know the pain this little girl felt for hours and hours, having her insides ripped apart by a sadistic hambeast who cared more about purchasing a soft drink than a little girl's life.... Its really just beyond what rage will satisfy.

I just don't think a murder charge alone can begin to cover it..... But at least we have that.

Our condolences to the child's (REAL) mother, Jamie. We are so sorry for your loss.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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