January 27, 2011

Betty Hottinger Raised Her Kids In a Land Fill

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Newark, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Betty Hottinger, a 35-year-old Ohio woman was jailed Saturday after police discovered her five children living in a virtual landfill, filled with trash, urine and feces.

According to Newark Police, five children were removed from Hottinger's home after police discovered an environment they described as having multiple health hazards and an "unbearable smell."

Police officers were called to the woman's home after witnesses reported a fight and stated that a teenager involved in the fight ran into Hottinger's residence. When police asked to search the residence, Hottinger agreed and allowed them inside.

Investigators say the entered the home to discover the temperature inside was just above freezing. Trash was piled up inside many of the rooms - laced with human feces and rotting food on the floor.

Inside a refrigerator, police found only beer and a package of microwavable burritos, however no microwave was found.

The home did not have hot water, a working toilet or bathtub.

The arresting officer wrote in his report "Immediately upon opening the door, I knew I was going to regret entering that part of the house."

The five children, aged 10 to 17 years of age were removed from the home while Hottinger went to jail.

Hottinger was booked into jail on five counts of child endangerment. She entered a not guilty plea and was released without bail.

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