January 16, 2011

Assclown Teens Face Jail After Bullying Fellow Student On Facebook

Taylor Wynn/ McKenzie Barker Arrest Affidavit
Mckenzi Barker MySpace

Estero, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Florida teens Taylor Wynn, 16, and McKenzie Barker, 15, were jailed Wednesday on Felony aggravated stalking charges after they allegedly created a fake Facebook page which they used to bully a fellow classmate with obscene, naked photographs.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Wynn reportedly admitted to creating two fake Facebook profiles in the name of an unnamed fellow student while Barker created an image that showed the fellow student's face attached to the image of a naked pre-pubescent girl. The girls then posted the lewd image on the page along with lewd and harassing comments about the victim.

Wynn reportedly told deputies that she created the page back in April "as a joke because she thought it would be funny." Investigators learned about the page in late April.

Detectives interviewed Wynn in December after obtaining a search warrant that allowed investigators to trace the Facebook page's originating i.p address back to her mother's residence.

During the interview, Wynn's mother asked her "what made her hate the victim so much that she would do something so mean" - by which Wynn responded "Because nobody liked her (and she) thought it would be a funny joke," according to the arrest affidavit.

One of the profiles allegedly attracted 181 friends and became littered with lewd, vulgar and harassing comments by students. The profile's "About Me" blurb reportedly stated "As you know, I am a huge whore. I love dick so much."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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