December 27, 2010

Scott Carlson Tortured The Baby By Fire For Crumpling Wrapping Paper

Roseville, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) - Scott Carlson, a 20-year-old Michigan man was arraigned Monday after burning and bruising his girlfriend's baby because the child ruined a piece of wrapping paper.

According to police, officers were dispatched to a local hospital Christmas night after a 13-month-old baby arrived with multiple burn marks and bruises.

Investigators say Carlson had been watching the child while his girlfriend was at work when he the baby got into a roll of wrapping paper.

Carlson allegedly retaliated by using a lighter to burn the baby's feet. The child had multiple second-degree burns that resembled the pattern of a lighter's spark wheel. The baby was also found to have multiple bruises on it's back, buttocks and head.

Carlson told police he simply "lost his temper a little."

The child's injuries were found by the child's grandparents who took the child to the hospital. The child's mother was described as "devastated and cooperating fully" with law enforcement.

Carlson was booked into jail on two counts of felony child abuse charges. His bond was set at $50,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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