December 15, 2010

Sandra Bauers - The Grinch That Allegedly Stole Her Own Children’s Christmas For Crack Cocaine

Belleville, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Sandra Bauers,a 35-year-old Illinois woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly stole her own children's Christmas presents and then pawned them to by crack cocaine.

According to Belleville Police, Bauers stole her mother's vehicle last week, which was loaded with nearly $1,000 worth of Christmas presents that had been purchased for her children.

Investigators say Bauers stole the vehicle despite an order of protection that had been filed against her.

When police found Bauers at a local motel, they recovered her mother's vehicle, but the presents inside were gone.

"The mom is leaving in this vehicle that she stole from her mom and all the presents are gone," said Belleville police Cpt. Steve Johnson. "She doesn't have a driver's license, holding in her hand is a crack pipe and she stated that she just smoked crack cocaine. She stated she sold all the kids presents for crack cocaine."

Deputies located and recovered about 80% of the pawned merchandise.

Bauers was jailed on charges of violating an order of protection and suspicion of criminal trespass to a vehicle. Her bond was set at $50,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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