December 14, 2010

Mark Richardson - Jailed After Posing As Diaper Wearing Autistic Man For Sexual Gratification

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (The Weekly Vice) - Mark Anthony Richardson Jr., a 21-year-old Oklahoma City man was jailed after he allegedly pretended to be an autistic adult in an effort to con his caretakers into changing diapers that he wore for sexual gratification.

According to Oklahoma City Police, Richardson searched on Craigslist to find babysitters who would care for him - claiming that he was severely autistic and needed intense supervision.

A woman, who Richardson had hired, changed his diaper on four occasions on April 8th. She stated that he would get sexually aroused while she was cleaning and changing him.

Investigators say Richardson answered another ad in September, stating that his name was "David" and that he needed a caregiver for his severely autistic 19-year-old son named "Alex."

Richardson went on to say that his son still wore diapers, drank formula from a bottle and used a pacifier.

"Alex", who arrived at the care giver's home with $40 and a typed note from "David." was dressed in dirty clothes and a soiled diaper. He brought with him a backpack that contained diapers, ointment, a bottle and a pacifier.

The caregiver changed his diapers, and got him clean clothes the first night he stayed with her. When she tried to put him to bed, he kicked and screamed until she read him a bedtime story. She gave him a bottle of formula and he drank it with a "straight face," before finally going to sleep. The caregiver also reported that when she tried to change his diapers, on occasion he would get up and run around the house until she caught him and put his diaper on.

Richardson stayed in the home on several occasions in September. On one occasion, he groped the caregiver's 18-year-old daughter's breast during an overnight stay, however the incident was dismissed upon the belief that he didn't realize what he was doing.

It was later determined that "Alex" was in fact Richardson, and that he was pretending to be autistic to satisfy an "adult baby/diaper lover" sexual fetish.

The caregiver told investigators that at first she believed the man was in fact autistic, but now feels extremely disgusted that she had wiped and cleaned a pervert, not an autistic man.

Richardson was booked into the Oklahoma City Jail and charged with a felony count of sexual battery and seven misdemeanor counts of outraging public decency. He is due to appear in court on January 5th for a preliminary hearing.

Richardson is also on probation for a 2008 arson charge.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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